Yes! No. (Maybe...) is a book by Liz Pichon and the eighth book of the Tom Gates franchise. In this book, Mum, Dad, Tom and the Fossils have a boot sale, where they accidentally sell Mum's favourite brooch for a pound to an old lady.

It is also Business Day, where Tom, Norman, Mark planned to make cakes, but Delia suggested that they could make popcorn. It turned out to be blue.

Tom wasn't originally paired up with Norman and Mark: he was with Amy, Marcus, Solid, Leroy, and Pansy to make comic folders. He thought Miss Yodel said "Hands up if you would like to stop for cake?", but she really said "Hands up if you would like to swap to the cake group with Mark and Norman?"

Derek had a stand as well. It was a treasure stand. Solid won, and took his prizes to the park after school to share with his friends. But the Fossils came and said there was a surprise. Tom decided that he would go to the surprise which was shopping. Charity shopping.

But Tom gets a mini scooter, and finds the brooch that they sold. He also has money for two Plastic cup albums and a fruit chew.

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