Dogzombies made a video for Wild Thing.

How they made it Edit

Tom Gates started the video with some ideas.

Decisions Edit

Before filming, Tom made some decisions of what to do, they were

1. Hats or no hats?

2. Sunglasses or no sunglasses?

3. Outside or inside?

4. Masks or no masks?

5. Wafers now or later?

They stuck to wafers later, so they filmed it inside.

Filming Edit

Dogzombies wore they t-shirts and flimed it in the garage, Mr Fingle used his camera, but it was too small. Joey came as an visitor (his mother comes in two hours), and filmed it with his camera or phone.

When Mr Fingle came back, he made a few fliming suggestions (one of them is standing on one leg, then playing)

When Joey's mum came, she said "This looks good! i'll help you put the video together if you want." but them, Joey throws Tom a whole pack of caramel wafers!, knocking over Mr Fingle's camera.

Joey then finished the video with his mum. at school, Joey tells Tom that he's got a finished film of Dogzombies playing "Wild Thing", Joey says that he will ask his mum to send it to Tom, he says that's it's really good.