A catchy song that Norman sings in Top Of The Class for Dog Zombies

Lyrics (from book)Edit

When the bell goes for lunch

I'm just hoping and yearning

For something that's tasty

And not stomach churning

It's not much to ask

All I want on a plate

Is food that I LOVE

Not food that I HATE

I've got the school dinner blues

And it's making me sad

All the meals I wish

That I'd never had

Close my eyes and imagine

While licking my lips

That today is the day

They'll be serving up


Vegetarian treat

Chips are the one thing I'm happy to eat

Chips are my favourite, if not EVERYDAY

A portion of chips

Makes a bad day OK

The cooks in the kitchen

Specialize in a dish

Made from leftover scraps

Of the ugliest fish

There's Vera who serves

With a smile and a whistle

As she spoons out the mince

Which is mostly just gristle

Do you want mashed potato?

Have one scoop or two

It's the colour of stone

And the texture of glue

Top Of The ClassEdit

Norman came up, wrote, and sang the song. Tom, Derek, Norman and Mr Fingle got it stuck in their heads and couldn’t stop singing it.


  • The version heard in Mix Tape (It's a CD really) differs from the book. The chorus has been replaced with the chant “CHIPS! WHAT DO WE WANT? WE WANT CHIPS! WHEN DO WE WANT THEM? NOW!” over and over. Right before the chorus ends, it changes to “CHIPS! WE DO WE WANT? CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS CHIPS!