This is a song that Derek sings in A Tiny Bit Lucky. Tom later got it stuck in his head.


I'm quiet as a mouse

I make my home in someone else's house

I'm not fussy, any place will do

If it's warm, I like a place with food

You won't hear me taking a stroll

Straight through the flowers

Jump on a wall

Over the grass I don't care

I'm awake in the dark

And sleep in the day

Where l leave my FUR

I'll make my home there

Cause Hay I'm a cat. I'm a pussy cat I have lots of furrr

I like to drink milk, I like to purrr

Don't mess with me, I'm on the PROWL

I'll sit outside your house and YOWL

Hay I'm a cat. I'm a pussy cat

I'll be your best friend

If there's food in the pot

But once it's all gone

I'll be OFF like a shot

And if I go missing

Will you do me a favour?

Don't make a big scene

Cause now I live with your neighbour

A Tiny Bit LuckyEdit

Derek sang this. After, June was sneaking past the cat banners, making him YOWL outside. Tom later got it stuck in his head, making Delia think that he can sing like a cat.


  • The song was based on June's cat, Roger.