Teacup Tony & The Saucers is the name of Teacup Tony’s band.

Dog Zombies Rule (for now)Edit

The local newspaper didn’t want to talk to Dog Zombies about the Dogzombies Rule viral video, so they talked to Teacup Tony instead, as they spotted him playing ukulele in the video. He reveals for the power cut he and his band reunited at the Leafy Green Old Folks Home to play there. Their song Don’t Leave Your Biscuit In The Tea Too Long shot up to number 1 on the music charts again thanks to this event.

Biscuits, Bands and Very Big PlansEdit

The band returns as The Wrinkles (Tom’s other grandparents) have two of their albums (namely Water and their self-titled album). In the endpapers we see the covers, with a big T and their band name over the back covers of both. It is reaveled they have another song, A Nice Cup of Tea.

Known AlbumsEdit

Known SongsEdit