Soloman Stewart (A.K.A Solid) is a friend of Tom Gates.

He is to appear in some books.


In "The Brilliant World of Tom Gates" Tom mentions that he is the tallest boy in the class (and the school)

In "Excellent Excuses" when Tom's class go on a field trip looking for bugs and things, Solid only catches half a dead ladybug. Tom tells him he will help him find something elese and Solid flicks it away into Julia Morton's Sandwich

In "Everything's Amazing" Solid is invited to Tom's birthday party and he (along with Mark Clump) on the way home from the party they are looking for Dino Village posters

In "Absolutely Fantastic" Solid is in Summer Cabin B with Brad, Norman, Tom, Marcus, Leroy and Mark, On the first night, he and Norman make a sock snake. On night 2 he thinks it is funny to pop out of the wardrobe and scare each person who opens it


He is one of Tom's friends.

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