Mix Tape (It's a CD really) is a album which features songs by Dog Zombies, Dude3 and Plastic Cup. After a long hiatus, it finally got released digitally and physically on 12 October 2016.

Description Edit

Tom Gates has put together his favourite songs by his favourite artists on the brand new album 'Tom Gates Mix Tape' featuring songs by 'Dude3', 'Dog Zombies' and 'Plastic Cup'.

Singles Edit

Two Singles were released on 17 March 2015, Delia's a Weirdo by Dog Zombies and We Are One by Dude3.

Tracks Edit

  1. Dude3 - We Are One
  2. Dog Zombies - Delia's a Weirdo
  3. Dude3 - Tell It Like It Is
  4. Plastic Cup - What You Gonna Do
  5. Dog Zombies - The Cat Song
  6. Dude3 - Calling
  7. Dude3 - Gotta Get Ready
  8. Dog Zombies - We Will Rock You
  9. Dude3 - One For All
  10. Dude3 - Wild Thing
  11. Dude3 - Just Had to Let You Go
  12. Dog Zombies - The School Dinner Blues
  13. Dude3 - We Are One (Acoustic)

Links Edit - How to Videos for "Delia's a Weirdo" and a guitar video for "We Are One" - Order - Full Album