This was Dog Zombies's first gig. It was at The Leafy Green Old Folks' Home.

Songs performed Edit

How they did it Edit

They did lots of practices before it came

At the Leafy Green folks home Edit

They had to wait for the "Use It Or Lose It Yoga Class" to finish, then they would play.

Dad brought a hammer to put the banner on, but he wasn't allowed. The surgical tape worked instead.

There was also tea and biscuits.

It took Dog Zombies very long to start because

1. Tom forgot what song they had to start with.

2. Norman knocked over a cymbal, which made a loud CRASH!

3. The old folks got scared of it, so they had a bit of tea and a biscuit, to calm down.

4. Veva in the second row couldn't see because Alfie's head was in the way. So dad found a better seat for him.

5. They were just getting started when Fred wanted to know why we were called Dog Zombies.

After that, they started playing.

The best part, according to Tom, was Smoke on the Water. All of the old folks were tapping their teacups in time to the music.

The gig was a standing ovation, which was not easy to do when the most of the audience is well over 80 YEARS OLD.