Dog Zombies is Tom's, Derek's and Norman's band.

Band Members Edit

Known Songs Edit

The briliant world of tom Gates Edit

Tom Gates wants to start a band with Derek Fingle, and needs a band name. They agree with Dogzombies, then they take some Rock Star Poses. The next day, Tom thinks of logos for Dogzombies. Later in the book, Tom writes Delia’s a Weirdo.

excellent excuses Edit

Mr Fingle tries to get Tom & Derek to play old music, not rock music. Derek says that if Mr Fingle says anything about music, just say yes. They learn a new song called Wild Thing and they need a new band member. They choose a massive poster and Mr Fingle wants to join the band. They put it up and a lot of people write on it. Someone crosses out Amy Porter and Florence Mitchell, which is Amy herself. It turned out Marcus Meldrew wrote down them. Norman then joins the band. Tom & Derek think they should have T-Shirts, and they have booked the gig. The last band practice goes well and they...

everything's amazing Edit

Norman's leg broke.

genius ideas Edit

they tryed to play at the talent show. But Tom's gutar went out of tune

a tiny bit lucky Edit

they tryed to play at the band battle. But they didn't win. (Note: ther instruments dont appear). Derek also sang and wrote The Cat Song.

top of the class Edit

Norman brought over a new instrument, a ukulele. He also wrote, sung and played on his ukulele The School Dinner Blues.